Increase the life of your car!

I am a firm believer in making a car last as long as possible. I love my Buick Enclave! With gas prices going up lately driving that big SUV around can be draining on my checking account! I have preached the cost effectiveness of renting a car over the years. I have even converted some friends! I have gotten some great deals at Enterprise Car Rental on the Costco Website! Today was another example of such! A standard rental from Enterprise directly for today through Friday morning would have set me back $79.63. For the distance that I was going I was considering this not to be cost effective. However, after some research I discovered I can get this same deal on the Costco website for $34.32! That is a savings of $45.31 or 57%! With the fuel economy being much better on a smaller car it makes total sense to do this! I also like preserving the mileage placed on my car. I have rented cars to take to the beach, to Disney, or just for the weekend. Sometimes I look on the website. If I am able to get a deal for 9.99 a day I get a car just for fun. My boys love riding in different cars every so often and I enjoy filling up less and getting 35 or more miles to the gallon! Just a thought people…check it out and see what you think!


A deal close to home

octNov2012 011

We often take road trips to Chattanooga…every time we go we discover something new.  This past summer we experienced the Chattanooga Ducks for the first time!  My boys loved this half army truck half boat vehicle.  Right now you can get a deal on the Groupon site for a ride on the Chattanooga Ducks.  Even though we have done this before, I bought them again.  Why not for $5 per child and $10 per adult I can not think of another activity to spend 2 hours outside as a family!


How to get a Cruise Deal?

I have had several people ask…”how can I get a cruise for less than $200 per person?”  Well if you have time to go on a cruise out of New Orleans in January of 2014, you can cruise with a family of four for $981.68.    For 1021.68 you can book the same cruise under a price guarantee, if the price gets lower they will adjust your rate.  Go to the Carnival Web Site to check the rates out.  If you are traveling with someone 55 years or older or have a military ID the discounts could even be better!  Note the cruise rate is 816 (right at 200 each) plus 205 in taxes.  I go to this site quite frequently to check out the rates!

Note:  if you can leave out of Miami January 13, 2014 a four day cruise for a family of four is only 885.88!!!!