Where an adult feels like a kid again… and the kids are in heaven!

This weekend I had the luck of the Irish and found the coolest toy store in town. I know that The Toy Place has been a fun place to shop for Huntsville residents for a while now. However, until Saturday, I had not had a chance to go visit the store.
I won a facebook contest they had a few weeks ago and was way overdue to go pick up my prize. We were planning on being downtown for the parade so I decided to stop in with the kids to pick up our winnings. My first thought was that I was crazy for going into a toy store with four kids. I had no idea what to expect of The Toy Place, yet had stereotyped it as the expensive toy store downtown. I was somewhat dreading going in there…knowing the kids would WANT THIS AND THAT and I would have to say NO.
I was pleasantly surprised. The owner, Susan, greeted us warmly and the kids were quickly off oohing and aahing over all the cool things. My first question to Susan was “do you have anything under $10?”. Her response, “of course!” as she pointed to a rather large section of the store. She pointed out that she wanted her store to be the birthday gift stop, having price points that are reasonable and toys that are unique! I had four super happy kids when I told them that they could each pick something for $6 or less. I felt like a good mom for not having to say no and the kids were entertained “shopping”.
Susan has earned my business for sure! I love that I can take all the kids to the toy store and let them each pick something fun without having to mortgage the house. Libby picked pink mustaches which we proudly wore to the parade downtown! The other three picked airplanes that you launch with a rubber band. The best part is that the airplanes are still functional. How many time do you buy a $6 item and it actually holds up. Most of the time we can’t make it for one hour with a toy like that without having to throw it away!

For Easter this year I have hired Susan at The Toy Place to be my Easter Bunny. The fun finds at her shop are sure to put a smile on the faces of the kids this year. Go see for yourself! She is open daily from 10am until 6pm. Tell her Melika sent you and ask about the Wooden Nickels!


5 thoughts on “Where an adult feels like a kid again… and the kids are in heaven!

  1. yay- might follow your lead on the Easter Bunny part!!! Being new to Hville- this is a great share! thanks girl!

    • Lindsey, I checked with the owner and she said we can drop off empty baskets, tell her age of child and boy/girl and like magic she will fill them up and make them pretty! Happy Easter to me!

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