Increase the life of your car!

I am a firm believer in making a car last as long as possible. I love my Buick Enclave! With gas prices going up lately driving that big SUV around can be draining on my checking account! I have preached the cost effectiveness of renting a car over the years. I have even converted some friends! I have gotten some great deals at Enterprise Car Rental on the Costco Website! Today was another example of such! A standard rental from Enterprise directly for today through Friday morning would have set me back $79.63. For the distance that I was going I was considering this not to be cost effective. However, after some research I discovered I can get this same deal on the Costco website for $34.32! That is a savings of $45.31 or 57%! With the fuel economy being much better on a smaller car it makes total sense to do this! I also like preserving the mileage placed on my car. I have rented cars to take to the beach, to Disney, or just for the weekend. Sometimes I look on the website. If I am able to get a deal for 9.99 a day I get a car just for fun. My boys love riding in different cars every so often and I enjoy filling up less and getting 35 or more miles to the gallon! Just a thought people…check it out and see what you think!


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