“Dinner is Saved”

What do you get when you take three men who have known one another since college or longer, add in culinary and restaurant management experience and mix that with their true passion and dreams?  If you are lucky you get a job you love, smiling customers and fun upbeat co-workers!  Mark Woodard, one of the owners of Supper Heroes located in Huntsville, AL did just that.  He and a few of his friends spent many of their early adult years learning and perfecting their skills in the restaurant business at various dining establishments in the country.  They then came back to their hometown to provide a neighborhood style family restaurant with a comic book theme.

I took my twins there for the first time since they opened about two months ago.  Both boys gave it a thumbs up.  For them the coolest part were the comic books displayed all over the walls (most of which Mark has been collecting since 1972).  The menu is great because it caters to both the adult and the child palate.  See what Rocket City Mom contributor Lexi Robinson Austin had to say when she did a review of the restaurant recently.  After reading the menu and sampling a few of the selections I would have to say that Mark met his goal in serving food that awakens the senses.  The adult selections have unique combinations of sweet, salty, spicy and savory.  Most of the menu creations have a story, the chicken salad for instance was created for his wife!  The Arnold, which is the sandwich I ordered, was a breakfast sandwich served by Mark’s mom when he was growing up.

This Friday night dinner experience was definitely worth the drive.  The restaurant provides an inviting environment.  The menu selections are priced more than fairly.  We dined at a Ninja themed restaurant in NYC in November and in comparison this small Huntsville, AL establishment beat NYC hands down.  I fed my family of 3 complete with soft drinks, appetizers and desserts for under $30.  In NYC a meal for six came to almost $150 and we left hungry and disappointed.

I encourage you to take your little heroes and check out this new restaurant where “Hunger is Vanquished” and “Dinner is Saved”!  You will find this adventure well worth your time!


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